Development Fundamentals

Development Fundamentals

Efficiency in dynamic movements require foundation development in the areas of bio-motor skills. Our training focuses on key areas of development, learning these specific functions will improve athleticism regardless of your skill level.

Bio-motor Skills

  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Balance and Coordination
  • Flexibility And Mobility

Training Specific to your needs

Phases of Training

Phase 1: Fundamentals

This is a stage of fit and fun, discovering and understanding the fundamentals of athletic development is the focus area of this phase.

Phase 2: Skills Acquisition

This stage of development is where athletes learn to train as they develop, acquire, and hone in on their skills. As the athlete's skills develop they may begin to own those skills and apply them to the use of more strength and power. With advanced Skills Acquisition an athlete can effectively use their strength.

Phase 3: Advanced Interconnecting Skill Sets

This stage is intended to show the athlete how to personally improve sports specific skills. All phases of development are being put to work throughout this phase. This development focus pushes high level training that is intended for high level competition.