Paul Reneau

  • IYCA Olympic Lifts Course.
  • IYCA High School Strength and Conditioning Certified.
  • USATF Level 2 Coach
  • 1984 Olympic 100 meter Belize.
  • 1987 Pan American Games Velodrome Sprints.
  • 1988 Olympics Velodrome Sprints.
  • University of Montana Sprints and Relays Coach.

Paul was born in the country of Belize (British Honduras) in 1960. He moved to south central Los Angeles in 1973 with his mother, sister and cousins. Paul attended high school at James Monroe High School in the San Fernando Valley. During high school Paul saw success in both American football and track and field gaining league titles and accolades. Sprints were his specialty, specifically the 100 and 220 yards as well as the 4x 100 yard relay.

Paul currently holds school records in the 100 yard dash and the 4x100 yard relay.

Paul attended the University of Montana on a football scholarship, while there he also participated in track and field for the Grizzlies in the 100, 200 meters and the 4x100 meter relay. Paul received his Bachelors of Arts degree in Social Work in 1984.

After graduation from The University of Montana Paul continued excelling in sports by competing in track and field for his home country of Belize at the 1984 Olympics. He competed against ten time Olympic medalist Carl Lewis in the 100 meter dash. Paul also had success at the 1987 Pan American Games and the 1988 Olympics in Seoul South Korea in Sprint Cycling his specialty being Velodrome(Oval shaped banked track) sprinting. Paul currently coaches at the University of Montana as the sprints and relays coach. He loves working with youth in all aspects of sports.

Paul Has spent his entire life learning and training for speed and agility and sports mobility. He brings years of experience and a love for youth. His interactive coaching style allows young athletes to ask questions and offers details on the background of the drills and their relevance to make continued successful improvements in training.